Change The Game

Position your business to Double revenue in the next

60 days

Optimise 4 Key Areas To Begin To Double Your Sales Revenue In The Next 60 Days

Create highly efficient, interconnected processes that drive increased revenue and profitability in your business.

Fast, simple and effective - I help my clients to gain near-instant positive impact by focusing on quick wins, enabling a return on investment from the start.

We then repeat this process across the key areas to drive sustained growth.

With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience I've:

  • Enabled 100's of B2B and B2C Business Owners to grow and scale
  • Personally marketed and sold a wide range of products and services from low 1000's to multi-million (Tech space)
  • Transformed businesses from loss making concerns to best in class

Andrew Sayers

My name is Andrew Sayers and over the last 10 years I've helped 100's of business owners with wide-ranging backgrounds and from a variety of sectors to create sustainable business growth. Together we focus on 4 key areas to generate quick wins and create an approach that enables consistent, predictable and successful outcomes for the long term.

The 4 Key Focus Areas


We review specific target markets, messaging related to those individuals, online presence and current marketing activity to determine what's working, what is not and find potential solutions.

Sales Engine

The cornerstone of income growth, we review your current sales approach, enhance strengths and improve gaps & weaknesses, or create a new and bespoke strategy.

Delivery & Retention

Creating optimal delivery methods, client retention, additional value-added offerings and the generation of consistent referrals to further boost revenue.

Simplified Business Systems and Processes

Effective business systems do not need to be complex or expensive!

However, solid systems and processes underpin all efficient and successful operations and prevent chaos. From CRM tools, to marketing platforms and the plethora of other systems that we find in business environments, we look at what systems are needed and seek to remove unnecessary elements. Our focus is on refining systems to only those that are required to enable an efficient and profitable business, removing complexity and cost in the process.

Bringing It All Together

For me, simplicity is king and removing unnecessary moving parts is a key part of that. By keeping things simple, I enable my clients to focus most of their time on what they're really in business for: Gaining and serving customers, growing a sustainable operation and reaping the benefits.

To achieve that we put the following in place:

  • Laser-focused marketing messaging
  • Consistent lead flow at the desired level
  • The right type of prospective clients entering your world
  • The ability to serve and help create outcomes while not becoming overwhelmed
  • A Sales Approach that delivers high levels of conversions
  • A service model that allows for recurring income
  • Remove the need to always be chasing new clients
  • Leveraging Referrals
  • Ensuring follow-up processes are in place
  • Simplified systems to support the growth of the business

The Process and How to Get Started

The process for helping my clients double sales revenues starts with a simple introductory conversation.

This is not a sales call. This is a short interaction to gain a high level understanding about you, your business and your current situation.

We will have a 1:1 Zoom (or phone) call where we can establish if I may be able to help you, and of course if you'd like my assistance!

If you'd prefer to book in for a 90 minute in-depth consultation, use the link below and I'll be in touch to discuss the pre-meeting logistics.

If you'd prefer to begin with an email discussion, simply enter your details below and I'll be in touch.

What My Clients Say

Your advice around every aspect of my calls has helped me break through my limiting beliefs, and given me the tools and confidence to handle any scenario, and in turn make sure the prospective client gets the service they need and deserve.

I can say with certainty my business wouldn’t be close to where it is right now without your support, guidance and calming influence.

- Chris Marshall, Owner of a Health & Fitness Company

Andrew has a genuine understanding of how

to create messaging that drives engagement and

sales. He’s also given me clear insight into my

sales conversations which I now use to great

effect in my business, resulting in higher value

sales. Andrew delivers a bespoke and highly

effective sales mentoring approach which has

proved transformational.

- Robert Dicks, Owner of a Marketing Agency

Since working with Andy Sayers, my thinking around sales and my sales skills have gone to a whole new level, allowing me to serve more people.

Every week we take a step forward and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Emily Anger Bergstrom, Owner of a Coaching Company


If you want to gain not just more clients, but more clients at higher fees, without feeling like a sleazy salesman while doing it, you need to speak with Andrew Sayers.

Luke Jiminez - Owner, Wellness Company

I had the pleasure of working with Andy to level up my sales skills for closing high ticket packages. In that time, he has gone above and beyond to help me do that by reviewing my sales calls, walking me through objection handling scenarios in detail, role playing and just being there to improve my overall conviction and confidence.

Andy is a fantastic mentor. He's also a funny guy, which massively lightens the stress of trying to level up yourself to improve business cashflow. If you want to improve your sales skills so that you can start closing more calls and make more $$$, Andy is your go-to guy. 5/5. 100% recommend.

ABHI AMALSADIA - Owner, Wellness Company


Andrew is a quality individual who is both professional and very approachable, and always willing to support others. A highly intelligent and hard-working sales and marketeer, Andrew will add real value to any situation through his wide range of skills and experience.

MARK DANIS - Director, Healthcare Company

His approach and understanding come from standing in your shoes, running the meetings, following up leads and building the pipeline one opportunity at a time, so he gets it.

Would I invest in time with Andy - that would never be in doubt.

MARK TOOTELL - VP Technology Company

I would not only be confident in recommending Andrew to any business, but I would argue that any business cannot do without his expertise.

JONATHAN EATLY - Business Owner, Financial Company

Andrew has helped me in so many ways! To be completely honest, I don't think I would be where I am today without him.

He has helped me focus on what it is I want and how to get there, in the best possible way. Cutting out all the crap out along the way! Creating a solid foundation for my business, he's helped me grow my company and secure large accounts I wouldn't have had the confidence to do on my own.

He has helped me create a business plan, set goals, achieve those goals and grow my business in a way I never would have done on my own.

Andrew is always on the other end of the phone or an email, he always makes time for you.

When I am feeling confused, overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel, he re-focuses me and grounds me so that I can move forward.

I genuinely don't know what I would have done without Andrew's help.

LOUISE P. - Owner, Marketing Solutions Company

Is it time to position you and your business to double your revenues in the next 60 days?

Optimise 4 key areas to ensure you have a steady flow of ideal prospective clients, a sales process that converts, enhanced delivery and retention. Underpinned with simple business systems and process to massively boost your success.

Book in for a 15 min chat to see if my approach is a good fit with your goals and current situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the Business Breakthrough Consultation?

Armed with a report with recommendations and a clear Action Plan, you are able to choose whether to implement yourself, with existing partners or we can discuss ongoing support from myself and/or implementation assistance from my trusted partners

Am I obligated to continue services?

Not at all. As indicated above you'll be equipped with clear Action Steps and a range of options. Zero obligation

What other services do you provide?

I provide consultancy on marketing, sales and business growth. The type of engagement is client-led and reflects the level of support or guidance required. This can be broad across the business development spectrum or focused on key elements such as refining targeting, messaging, enhancing brand, through to funnel building, paid ads (Google/Facebook for example), sales training and implementing tools and systems to effectively manage a growing business.

Click below to book your business breakthrough (paid consult) and I'll be in touch to discuss the logistics.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss something specific, use the link below to email me directly.